RAMPing Up Your Cybersecurity w/ Leah McGrath of StateRAMP

“What if we could come together, to create a common set of recognized standards, a common method in verifying these standards; how can we strengthen the cybersecurity posture for states?”- Leah McGrath, Executive Director, StateRAMP


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How do you efficiently and effectively manage cloud security in state government?

Government has been digitizing and modernizing over the last decade, and the COVID-19 international pandemic but even more pressure on state government to go fully digital. Lucky enough for state governments, a new program is available to help verify their cybersecurity processes and platforms: StateRAMP.

In this week’s episode, hosts Kevin Minor and Amanda Valdivieso interview StateRAMP Executive Director, Leah McGrath. Kevin, Amanda and Leah explore what StateRAMP is, the role StateRAMP plays in educating state officials on cybersecurity, and how states can participate in this program.


 Leah Mcgrath, Executive Director of Stateramp: RAMPing Up Your Cybersecurity


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