Dianne Lancaster, NASPO’s CLO, Parts 2 and 3

This week on Pulse Podcast, we have a special TWO episode drop as we finish up the conversation with NASPO’s own Chief Learning Officer, Dianne Lancaster.

In episode 17, “Continue to Learn,” Dianne discusses the role and responsibilities of a Chief Learning Officer and the importance of building relationships with academia for the procurement profession. Dianne is a true proponent of continuous education in the procurement specialty and has worked to solidify higher education initiatives and partnerships whose symbiotic relationship will continue to bloom for procurement professionals for years to come.

(Part II) Dianne Lancaster, Chief Learning Officer, NASPO: Continue to Learn

In the final episode of the 3-part series, episode 18, “Not Goodbye…See You Later” brings the conversation to an end.

In a time of uncertainty, Dianne points out the needed continuous work of public procurement professionals; from the stone tablet purchase orders of ancient times to the advanced procurement vehicles used today. Times are changing, and public procurement officials have a duty to stay up to date in their education, and in their professional relationships.

“Government has to have people interact with the business world and bring back the goods and services people need.”-Dianne Lancaster

(Part III) Dianne Lancaster, Chief Learning Officer, NASPO: Not Goodbye…See You Soon

Dianne will be retiring from NASPO as Chief Learning Officer in December 2020 and as much as she has invested in the profession, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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