NASPO Awards

The NASPO Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals to the field of public procurement. These awards recognize excellence in various aspects of procurement, including innovation, leadership, and service to the profession.

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  • Develops and conducts member surveys
  • Oversees and maintains the Repository of State Practices
  • Writes blog posts for the Procurement Pulse blog
  • Assists with research inquiries, development of research work products, and provides support to Procurement U and conferences
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Please note:

Nominations for the George Cronin Awards for Procurement Excellence are intended for state central procurement offices, and must be submitted by, or with approval from, the NASPO voting member (CPO) within your state.

Contact Us Create a Winning Submission To guide you to success, we’ve put together some tips and guidelines that will help you build a strong submission.

Please note that submissions are limited to four pages, although optional supporting material can also be submitted as a separate document when needed to showcase images, examples, or documentation that is too large to fit within the four-page submission itself.

Need Inspiration? Check out Past Winners

Download Submission Template Write an Executive Summary

Your submission will benefit greatly with the addition of a short executive summary/introduction that describes the purpose and scope of the project and gives a brief overview of the implementation process.

Key Tip What to include: A summary statement of the content of each of the four categories A comment on the results of the project Anything to which committee members should pay particular attention

This executive summary should not exceed one page and is
included as part of the total pages for submission.

Scoring Categories

Below are the categories you should ensure are covered within your four page nomination. Each category examines a different aspect of the project’s impact and is weighed separately to provide an overall score.

Scoring Categories Methodology

The Top 5 submissions are recognized at NASPO’s annual conference, will participate in the Cronin webinar series, and have
bragging rights for the next year!

Tier 1 Choosing the Top 10

The Committee scores the Innovation and Transferability categories only to narrow down submissions to the top 10.

Tier 2 Honing In with Custom Questions

To choose the next tier of applicants, the Committee develops several clarification questions for the submissions to be answered by the award applicant.

Tier 3 Choosing Five Finalists

At this stage, the Committee scores the Service Improvement and Cost Reduction categories. Scorecards are calculated and the five finalists are determined.

Winners Resubmissions Are Allowed Resubmittal criteria: The resubmittal cannot have received any level of Cronin award (e.g., Gold, Silver or Bronze) from a past year The resubmittal must contain new information from the previous submission The resubmittal must clearly describe the significant changes/circumstances that make this program viable for resubmission

The Cronin Awards Committee will review the resubmission justifications to determine whether the submission will be included with those to be scored. If the committee determines the reasons for resubmission are substantial, then the entire document will be reviewed along with the other submissions. If the committee determines, based on the justification, that a resubmittal does not merit inclusion, the resubmittal will not be scored.

All states involved with a resubmittal will be notified of the committee’s decision to include or exclude their submission from scoring following the committee’s decision.