NASPO Awards

The NASPO Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals to the field of public procurement. These awards recognize excellence in various aspects of procurement, including innovation, leadership, and service to the profession.

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  • Develops and conducts member surveys
  • Oversees and maintains the Repository of State Practices
  • Writes blog posts for the Procurement Pulse blog
  • Assists with research inquiries, development of research work products, and provides support to Procurement U and conferences
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Please note:

Nominations for the George Cronin Awards for Procurement Excellence are intended for state central procurement offices, and must be submitted by, or with approval from, the NASPO voting member (CPO) within your state.

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The Cronin Club evolved from an idea presented by John Dyer of Maine to form an organization of NASPO past presidents and name it after Mr. George Cronin. The group met for the first Cronin Club Luncheon at the NASPO Annual Conference in 1970. In 1974, the Cronin Club opened the luncheon to any NASPO member who wished to participate instead of restricting attendance to the past presidents, and it became an established feature of the NASPO Annual Conference.

The Cronin Club decided to sponsor a “cost reduction” incentive program in 1977. This created interest among the states and encouraged them to share cost-saving ideas with other states. The program has evolved over the past 30 years and adapted to the changing procurement landscape. The George Cronin Award for Procurement Excellence is a premier achievement for innovative public procurement. It pays homage to a founder and the first president of NASPO for his devotion to improving governmental purchasing.