Infrastructure Bill and Beyond: NASPO’s Dr. of Legal Education


As we kick off the new year with our first podcast, we’re excited to have a friend of the pod, Megan Smyth, join us. Megan is the new Director of Legal Education and Senior Legal Counsel at NASPO. In the show, she talks to us about her new role, tips for communicating with your office attorney, and the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The best part…NASPO is prioritizing bringing you more legal resources in 2023.


Season 4, Episode 1: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and Beyond: Megan Smyth, Director of Legal Education and Sr. Legal Counsel, NASPO


Check out some of NASPO’s legal resources that are free and available to everyone:

  • Repository of State Practices (RoSP): A database of state procurement statutes, regulations, and policies
  • Procurement U Courses: Introduction to Bid Protest, Ethical Procurement Strategies, and more
  • NASPO’s Content Library: Legal: Publications, webinars, and courses


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