Executive Leadership Training: Why You Should Consider It

Let’s face it, the workplace changes fast. Change is a topic that is daunting to some, but with proactively trained leaders change can and should be embraced.

Taryn Oesch from  Training Industry said, “providing training to senior leaders has, in the executives’ own opinion, a significant impact on their ability and desire to lead” (Taryn Oesch, 2019). The value of executive development can have a major impact within your team and office.  Effectively trained executives are more comfortable in their role and responsibilities.

So, where does change come into play with leadership? If you have ever felt overwhelmed dealing with change as a leader, you are not alone! Change management is an important part of a leader’s role and training. Executive leaders must rally and inspire employees, while understanding the ripple effect their decisions have across the organization as a whole (Richmond, 2019). Continuous executive leadership training can help improve the impact of change within our public procurement offices.

There are plenty of opportunities for executive training in public procurement. The District of Columbia’s Chief Learning Officer, David Gragan recently stated:

“By the time we in public procurement arrive in leadership positions, we should know the mechanics of the process of government contracting.  What we now must learn, if we don’t already know it, is how to lead change.  Few of us would say that our services – provided to other government leaders for the benefit of the public we all work for –  cannot be improved.  Inherent to continuous improvement in our service delivery is change.  And among the responsibilities of a leader is to guide and mentor our personnel through change, many of whom might be coming along reluctantly”.

For the last two years, NASPO has partnered with Michigan State University (MSU)’s Executive Education Department to create an executive leadership program for NASPO members and volunteer leaders. The  Executive Development Leadership Program at Michigan State focuses on leadership, communication, critical thinking and more. These skills are often overlooked in the workplace, yet leaders are expected to embody these characteristics to help their teams succeed. This summer, we will host the third iteration of this invitation-only program on MSU’s campus August 9th-11th.

NASPO isn’t the only place you can find executive training for your leaders. Consider local colleges and universities! They typically offer programs they can tailor to your needs. North Carolina State University, another NASPO academic partner, hosts a Procurement Leadership Training on their campus. We encourage you to see what is available near you. Not sure where to get started? Need some help? Contact NASPO Academic Affairs Manager, Dan Kruger.











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