NASPO Welcomes New Academic Partner

The National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) and George Washington Law (GW Law) have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to foster and promote public procurement education together.  Dr. Karen Thornton, the Director of the GW Government Program Law Program, and Dianne Lancaster, NASPO Chief Learning Officer, are the representatives for each organization.

GW Law Program sponsors a unique program in public procurement legal studies, dedicated to preparing their students for the challenges of the ever-evolving modern workplace while creating a thriving environment for exploration, innovation and achievement.  Members of the faculty have been frequent guests and participants at NASPO’s Law Institute.  In 2019, NASPO representatives met with GW Law leadership and faculty to discuss strategic partnership on many levels.  We found common interest in the future of public procurement, in developing courses in public procurement education, joint participation in academic forums, training and job placement.  We agreed to work together to build career pathways and encourage continued learning, interest and knowledge about public procurement as part of NASPO’s central mission to support the professional development and success of its membership.

NASPO uses many methods and strategic relationships to achieve this goal, including long-term partnerships with select higher education institutions around the country as part of its academic affairs program. This program provides an opportunity for NASPO members to enrich their offices’ trajectory while securing the newest emerging workforces through internships, scholarships, career fairs, educational courses, continued learning, and research and faculty engagement with state and national forums and events.

NASPO also seeks out and supports the states’ attorneys who serve the public procurement officers, including a supported communications network for states attorneys and annual States’ Attorneys Training Institute.

The newly cultivated partnership for GW Law and NASPO will support the growth of the public procurement profession and provide additional avenues of engagement for states’ attorneys.

Have you checked out all the academic affairs program has to offer? You can read about internship opportunities for your office here, our annual Academic Forum here, and about the strategic partnerships being made across the country here.


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