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Dugan Petty & Voight Shealy Leaving NASPO

It is with sadness that I announce the resignations of Dugan Petty and Voight Shealy. As members, volunteers, and most recently staff members, Dugan and Voight have served NASPO and the public procurement profession with unparalleled knowledge and passion for decades. Each has been awarded the Giulio Mazzone Distinguished Service Award as a testament to their impact on public procurement. In addition, both have been instrumental in growing NASPO ValuePoint into the premier cooperative contracting organization for state procurement. We wish them well as they take more time for themselves and pursue other activities, and we thank them for their time and dedication to public procurement. We will miss both as colleagues and friends. Dugan’s last day with NASPO was June 30. Voight’s last day will be November 1. 


NASPO Leadership Speak on NCSL Podcast

A National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Our American States podcast episode featuring NASPO CEO Lindle Hatton and Immediate Past President George Schutter is now available for download. Listen in now. 


Save $100 on Fall CPPO and CPPB Prep Courses

As part of Procurement U Gives Back, register now for the Fall CPPO or CPPB prep course and save $100 on the registration fee. Click for additional details. 


Registration for the 2021 REACH Conference ends July 7.
Each state has 10 seats available. Register today!

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Upcoming Webinars

Emergency State Procurement During COVID
July 28 | 3 pm ET

Join our distinguished panel of academic researchers for an overview of NASPO’s Assessing State PPE Procurement During COVID-19 report. This webinar will discuss the legal aspects of emergency procurement, the challenges procurement faced while responding to COVID, and the characteristics of a strong state procurement response. Register here.

Solicitations for the Future: Agile & Results Driven
August 26 | 3 pm ET

Is your state’s solicitation process ready for the future? Join us for a discussion on integrating the agile sprint into your solicitation development process. Register here.

Save the Date for the 2021 Annual Conference

We are excited to welcome members in person to the 2021 Annual Conference this September in Austin, TX. Registration will open in late July. The state’s Primary Member and their designee are invited to attend.


In the third part of a series, we will introduce you to your Regional Council Chairs and Vice Chairs. This month, get to know the Western Regional Leadership.

Angela Shell (CA), Western Regional Council Chair

What is the most challenging part of your job in public procurement?
The most challenging part of the job is managing expectations from stakeholders from the very top all the way down to a single buyer in a department. Stakeholders understand procurement is complex but what people don’t understand is the “why.” Like most other states, California’s laws are extensive, and the policies that go with those laws are equally as extensive. We are always striving to ensure we have good communication and understanding of an agency or department’s needs so we can, in turn, communicate the best procurement approach to meet time, cost, and complexity demands.

Describe the most interesting purchase your office has made during your time there.
I would have to say body bags. I never would have expected to become an expert in body bags, and because of COVID the state has procured over 17,000 bags for both adults and children in the last year. It is truly a sad and humbling experience to have to ask a vendor to supply body bags for the deaths you know have occurred in the state.

If you hadn’t ended up in procurement, what would you be doing now?
Honestly, I would still be working for the State of California because I can’t retire yet, but I would probably be in a compliance role somewhere, enforcing statutory and contractual requirements related to labor and small business. (Which I guess is still related to procurement!) On a personal note, I might have tried to be a professional singer or a preacher as both of those topics were near and dear to me when I was young. Not so young anymore!

Mindy Birk (AK), Western Regional Council Vice Chair

Describe the most interesting purchase your office has made during your time there.
I think the purchase that stands out in my mind the most is calling Alaskan distilleries to see if they were willing to retool and make hand sanitizer for the state after COVID-19 hit. It was a surreal feeling, writing up Master Agreements with the individual distilleries for statewide purchasing. I never thought that would be a part of my state procurement career.

What is the most rewarding part of your job in public procurement?
The most rewarding part of my job is knowing I’m making a difference in my state, knowing I had a direct part in providing PPE for the state. Knowing the contracts I manage are used by state and federal agencies, cities/boroughs, school districts, universities, and federally recognized tribes, and stakeholders are getting the best value for their money, especially now, during this difficult time we are going through as a state.

Describe the best vacation you’ve ever taken.
The best vacation I ever took was a trip to Germany and Austria a few years ago with my husband. We went for three weeks, traveling all through Bavaria, seeing castles, touring wineries and breweries, museums, old churches, cruising the Rhine River, taking the Zugspitze cable up the highest mountain in Germany, traveling to the remote village of Hallstatt, Austria, and just experiencing Germany. Definitely a trip I will always look back on fondly. 

NASPO ValuePoint

NASPO ValuePoint’s Wireless Voice, Data & Accessories portfolio has been updated! Check out the portfolio page for new IoT offerings in Fleet Management, Energy Conservation and Management, Building and Facilities Management, and more from AT&T, Federated Wireless, Geotab, T-Mobile, UScellular, and Verizon. New master agreements and amendments are being posted as they are executed.