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The NASPO Exchange builds relationships among the supplier community and state governments, the largest consumers of goods and services in the country. This conference is a place where learning, networking, and partnering come together to develop business relationships to support public procurements that are effective, efficient, transparent, and fair. Each state receives two complimentary registrations to attend. Additional attendees from each state may register using their state’s PD funds, with approval from their CPO. To maximize the Exchange One-On-One experience for both suppliers and state procurement officials, only manufacturers and suppliers are invited to attend.

More about event NASPO ValuePoint Contract Leads 2024 Conference National Association of State Procurement Officials 2024-07-15 2024-07-16 Philadelphia Marriott Downtown 1200 Filbert ST Philadelphia PA 19107

The NASPO Leads Conference brings together NASPO ValuePoint Lead State Contract Administrators (Contract Leads) and NASPO ValuePoint staff for a two-day professional development training focused on leading ValuePoint contracts.

2024 REACH NASPO Reach National Association of State Procurement Officials 2024-07-16 2024-07-18 Philadelphia Marriott Downtown Philadelphia PA

The NASPO REACH Conference leverages the collective experience of state procurement staff. By sharing best practices and innovative approaches to state procurement, REACH provides education for front-line staff to learn from and replicate back in their states. Members will have the opportunity to engage with other members, creating connections and building networks to support their professional careers. NASPO will provide six complimentary registrations for each state, including full coverage of travel expenses per the NASPO Travel Policy. Primary Members are welcome to attend using one of the six registrations. All state members need Primary Member approval to attend.

2024 Annual Conference NASPO Annual National Association of State Procurement Officials 2024-09-08 2024-09-11 JW Marriott Indianapolis Indianapolis IN

NASPO’s Annual Conference provides a platform for the NASPO community to interact, network, and conduct the organization’s business in a positive, cohesive manner. The Annual Conference goals are to Learn, Network, and Partner. Each state’s CPO/Primary Member is invited to attend, along with their executive-level designee (two participants per state). Additional attendees from each state may register using their state’s PD funds, with approval from their CPO.

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Procurement U courses are designed with you in mind, with a wide selection of free courses fully funded by NASPO, along with on-demand and instructor-led courses that provide the flexibility you need to continue learning.

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