Empowering Hidden Talent: The STARS Initiative’s Role in Workforce Development and Economic Mobility

Unlock the potential hidden within your workforce as Blair Corcoran de Castillo from Opportunity at Work joins us to discuss the transformative STARS program. Skilled Through Alternative Routes is not just an initiative; it’s a revolution in recognizing the value and capability of the over 70 million American workers who lack a bachelor’s degree yet are equipped with diverse and robust skill sets.

In this episode, we shed light on the challenges that state governments face in recruitment and workforce development, diving into the myriad of talents brought to the table by veterans, self-taught individuals, and those with on-the-job training. We also tackle the outdated barriers to employment, revealing how skills-based hiring can enhance competitiveness and drive economic mobility across our great nation.

Season 5, Episode 2

View the transcript of this episode here.

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