The Repository of State Practices (RoSP) is a database of state procurement statutes, regulations, and policies. NASPO’s Research and Innovation team continually update the RoSP. Bid Protest bid-protest rosp_category Statutory, regulatory, and procedural guidance for bid protests raw NM ADC FILING OF PROTEST:
A. Protest must be written. Protests must be in writing and addressed to the state purchasing agent or central purchasing office, whichever has control and administration over the procurement.
B. Contents. The protest shall:
(1) include the name and address of the protestant;
(2) include the solicitation number;
(3) contain a statement of the grounds for protest;
(4) include supporting exhibits, evidence or documents to substantiate any claim unless not available within the filing time in which case the expected availability date shall be indicated; and
(5) specify the ruling requested from the state purchasing agent or central purchasing office.
C. Pleadings.
No formal pleading is required to initiate a protest, but protests should be concise, logically arranged, and direct.
D. Time limit.
Protests shall be submitted within 15 calendar days after knowledge of the facts or occurrences giving rise to the protest. Any person or business that has been sent written notice of any fact or occurrence is presumed to have knowledge of the fact or occurrence.

https://nmonesource.com/nmos/nmac/en/item/18048/index.do#!fragment/undefined/BQCwhgziBcwMYgK4DsDWsBGB7LqC2YATqgJIAm0EAjAPoAsNtAHAEwCUANMlgC4CmEAIqI+hAJ7QA5JI4Q+RBMNETps+YQQBlLIR4AhCQCUAogBljANQCCAOQDCxjjzAZoPLHDZsgA Public Link: Statutory Guidance Bid Responsiveness bid-responsiveness rosp_category Statutory, regulatory, and procedural guidance for bid responsiveness raw NM ST § 13-1-85

“Responsive offer” means an offer which conforms in all material respects to the requirements set forth in the request for proposals. Material respects of a request for a proposal include, but are not limited to, price, quality, quantity or delivery requirements.

https://nmonesource.com/nmos/nmsa-historical/en/item/4210/index.do Public Link: Yes Bidder Responsibility bidder-responsibility rosp_category Statutory, regulatory, and procedural guidance for bidder responsibility raw NM ST § 13-1-82

“Responsible bidder” means a bidder who submits a responsive bid and who has furnished, when required, information and data to prove that his financial resources, production or service facilities, personnel, service reputation and experience are adequate to make satisfactory delivery of the services, construction or items of tangible personal property described in the invitation for bids.

https://sesv.nmcourts.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/35/2020/12/NM_Procurement_Code.pdf Public Link: Yes Contract Claim contract-claim rosp_category Statutory, regulatory, and procedural guidance for contract claims before a specialized body raw NM ST § 13-4-43

Once the using agency has determined the existence of a valid claim under the provisions of the Subcontractors Fair Practices Act, the using agency or agent of the using agency may:
A. hold a public hearing for the purpose of providing an informal resolution of the dispute by preparing a “form of dispute” which shall be available to all parties. The form shall state concisely, in numbered paragraphs, the matter at issue or dispute which the complainant expects to be determined. The agent or the using agency shall evaluate the issues presented by both sides of the dispute and render a decision within ten days after the hearing, and provide the parties with a written copy of the decision by certified mail, return receipt requested; or
B. refer the matter in dispute to be resolved through arbitration.

https://nmonesource.com/nmos/nmsa-historical/en/item/4210/index.do#!fragment/zoupio-_Toc2927897/BQCwhgziBcwMYgK4DsDWszIQewE4BUBTADwBdoAvbRABwEtsBaAfX2zgCYBODgdgA4uvAJQAaZNlKEIARUSFcAT2gByFaIiEwuBHIXK1GrTpABlPKQBCygEoBRADJ2AagEEAcgGE7o0mABG0KTswsJAA Public Link: Statutory Guidance Evaluation Committees evaluation-committees rosp_category The rules concerning the size and composition of evaluation committees for formal solicitations raw CMAC B

Evaluation committee:  The state agency management shall appoint an evaluation committee prior to the due date for receipt of proposals.  The size of the committee should be manageable and include both user and technical support representatives.  Contractor subject matter experts may be used to advise the committee but cannot evaluate proposals.

https://www.srca.nm.gov/parts/title01/01.004.0001.html Public Link 1: Committee includes end customer/user and technical support representatives. Contractor/outside SMEs can be used to advise, but cannot score proposals. Goods and Services Procurement goods-and-services-procurement rosp_category State entity with the statutory authority and oversight for the purchasing of goods and services raw NM ST § 13-1-97

A. All procurement for state agencies shall be performed by the state purchasing agent except as otherwise provided in the Procurement Code.
B. All procurement for state agencies excluded from the requirement of procurement through the office of the state purchasing agent shall be performed by a central purchasing office, the chief procurement officer or as otherwise provided in the Procurement Code.
C. All procurement for local public bodies shall be performed by a central purchasing office designated by the governing authority of the local public body except as otherwise provided in the Procurement Code. Local public bodies shall identify their designated central purchasing office to the state purchasing agent and shall report their chief procurement officers to the state purchasing agent.

https://www.nmlegis.gov/Sessions/21%20Regular/bills/house/HB0010.pdf Public Link: Central Procurement Office Multistep Competitive Sealed Bidding multistep-competitive-sealed-bidding rosp_category State authority to conduct multistep competitive sealed bidding raw NM ADC MULTI-STEP SEALED BIDS:
A. General.
Multi-step bidding is a variant of the competitive sealed bidding method. This method may be utilized when the state purchasing agent or a central purchasing office makes a determination that it is impractical initially to prepare specifications to support an award based on price, or that specifications are inadequate or are too general to permit full and free competition without technical evaluation and discussion.
B. Phased process.
Multi-step bidding is a phased process which combines elements of both the competitive sealed proposal method, seeking necessary information or unpriced technical offers in the initial phase; and regular competitive sealed bidding, inviting bidders who submitted technically acceptable offers in the initial phase, to submit competitive sealed price bids on the technical offers in the final phase. The contract shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. If time is a factor, the state purchasing agent or a central purchasing office may require offerors to submit a separate sealed bid during the initial phase to be opened after the technical evaluation.
C. Public notice.
Whenever multi-step sealed bids are used, public notice for the first phase shall be given in accordance with NMAC of this rule. Public notice is not required for the second phase.

https://nmonesource.com/nmos/nmac/en/item/18048/index.do#!fragment/undefined/BQCwhgziBcwMYgK4DsDWsBGB7LqC2YATqgJIAm0EAjAPoAsNtATAOwCUANMlgC4CmEAIqI+hAJ7QA5JI4Q+RBMNETps+YQQBlLIR4AhCQCUAogBljANQCCAOQDCxjjzAZoPLHDZsgA Public Link: Full Authorization Procurement Website procurement-website rosp_category Official state procurement website for public raw https://www.generalservices.state.nm.us/statepurchasing/ Public Link: Public Notice public-notice rosp_category The required time between the issuance of a formal solicitation and the scheduled opening of bids or proposals raw NMSA Section 13-1-104; NMAC

A. An invitation for bids or a notice thereof shall be published not less than ten calendar days prior to the date set forth for the opening of bids.;
**A.**            Procurements by the state purchasing agent:  The state purchasing agent shall give public notice of the RFP in the same manner as provided in NMAC of this rule.  However, an RFP or a notice shall be published not less than 20 days prior to the date set for receipt of proposals unless a shorter time frame is requested and approval granted by the state purchasing agent.

https://nmonesource.com/nmos/nmsa/en/item/4378/index.do#!b/13-1-104 Public Link 1: https://www.srca.nm.gov/parts/title01/01.004.0001.html Public Link 2: 10 Days for IFBs; 20 days for RFPs State Procurement Manual state-procurement-manual rosp_category Official state procurement manual available to public raw https://www.generalservices.state.nm.us/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Best-Value-Procurement-Guide-Part-1-January-2016.pdf Public Link: State Statutes and Regulations state-statutes-and-regulations rosp_category State databases of statutes and regulations raw https://nmonesource.com/nmos/nmsa/en/nav_date.do Resource Public Link 1: Resource 1: Chapter 13. Public Purchases and Property https://www.srca.nm.gov/nmac-home/nmac-titles/ Resource Public Link 2: Resource 2: Title 1. General Government AdministrationChapter 4. State Procurement State-Wide Contracts state-wide-contracts rosp_category Awarded contracts as provided by each state raw https://www.generalservices.state.nm.us/statepurchasing/Statewide_Price_Agreements.aspx State-Wide Contracts Link: Supplier Registration supplier-registration rosp_category Information for suppliers as provided by each state raw https://www.generalservices.state.nm.us/statepurchasing/onlineprocurement.aspx Supplier Registration Link: Technology Procurement technology-procurement rosp_category State entity with the statutory authority and oversight for the purchasing of technology raw NM ST § 13-1-97 State Central Procurement Office