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A Request for Proposal (RFP) is defined as a competitive proposal process where cost is NOT the sole evaluation criteria for selection. The RFP includes well-defined specifications and/or scope of work, and contains all contractual terms and conditions. The RFP solicits two parts to a proposal — technical and cost — from prospective vendors. The objective is to obtain the “best value” for the state. The RFP method uses a combination of the price proposal plus the highest score from an analysis of the technical proposal to determine the award of a contract. An RFP is used any time when factors other than price are to be considered for evaluation.

https://das.iowa.gov/sites/default/files/procurement/pdf/DAS-Procurement-Manual.pdf Public Link: Bid Protest bid-protest rosp_category Statutory, regulatory, and procedural guidance for bid protests raw IA ADC 11-117.20(8A)

117.20(1) Filing an appeal. Any vendor that filed a timely bid or proposal and that is aggrieved by an award of the department may appeal the decision by filing a written notice of appeal before the Director, Department of Administrative Services, Hoover State Office Building, Third Floor, Des Moines, Iowa 50319, within five calendar days of the date of award, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays, and legal state holidays. The department must actually receive the notice of appeal within the specified time frame for it to be considered timely. The notice of appeal shall state the grounds upon which the vendor challenges the department’s award.
117.20(2) Procedures for vendor appeal. The vendor appeal shall be a contested case proceeding and shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the department’s administrative rules governing contested case proceedings, unless the provisions of this rule provide otherwise.
a. Notice of hearing. Upon receipt of a notice of vendor appeal, the department shall contact the department of inspections and appeals to arrange for a hearing. The department of inspections and appeals shall send a written notice of the date, time and location of the appeal hearing to the aggrieved vendor or vendors.
The presiding officer shall hold a hearing on the vendor appeal within 60 days of the date the notice of appeal was received by the department.
b. Discovery. The parties shall serve any discovery requests upon other parties at least 30 days prior to the date set for the hearing. The parties must serve responses to discovery at least 15 days prior to the date set for the hearing.
c. Witnesses and exhibits. The parties shall contact each other regarding witnesses and exhibits at least 10 days prior to the date set for the hearing. The parties must meet prior to the hearing regarding the evidence to be presented in order to avoid duplication or the submission of extraneous materials.
d. Amendments to notice of appeal. The aggrieved vendor may amend the grounds upon which the vendor challenges the department’s award no later than 15 days prior to the date set for the hearing.
e. If the hearing is conducted by telephone or on the Iowa communications network, the parties must deliver all exhibits to the office of the presiding officer at least 3 days prior to the time the hearing is conducted.
f. The presiding officer shall issue a proposed decision in writing that includes findings of fact and conclusions of law stated separately. The decision shall be based on the record of the contested case and shall conform to Iowa Code chapter 17A. The presiding officer shall send the proposed decision to all parties by first-class mail.
g. The record of the contested case shall include all materials specified in Iowa Code subsection 17A.12(6).
(1) Method of recording. Oral proceedings in connection with a vendor appeal shall be recorded either by mechanized means or by certified shorthand reporters. Parties requesting that certified shorthand reporters record the hearing shall bear the costs.
(2) Transcription. A party may request that oral proceedings in connection with a hearing in a case or any portion of the oral proceedings be transcribed. A party requesting transcription shall bear the expense of the transcription.
(3) Tapes. Parties may obtain copies of tapes of oral proceedings from the presiding officer at the requester’s expense.
(4) Retention time. The department shall file and retain the recording or stenographic notes of oral proceedings or the transcription for at least five years from the date of the decision.

https://www.legis.iowa.gov/docs/iac/rule/08-21-2013.11.117.20.pdf Public Link: Statutory Guidance Bidder Responsibility bidder-responsibility rosp_category Statutory, regulatory, and procedural guidance for bidder responsibility raw IA ADC 11-117.2(8A)

“Responsible bidder” means a vendor that has the capability in all material respects to perform the contract requirements. In determining whether a vendor is a responsible bidder, the department may consider various factors including, but not limited to, the vendor’s competence and qualification for the type of good or service required, the vendor’s integrity and reliability, the past performance of the vendor relative to the quality of the good or service, the past experience of the department in relation to the vendor’s performance, the relative quality of the good or service, the proposed terms of delivery, and the best interest of the state.

https://www.legis.iowa.gov/docs/ACO/IAC/LINC/06-10-2015.Rule.11.117.2.pdf Public Link: Yes Goods and Services Procurement goods-and-services-procurement rosp_category State entity with the statutory authority and oversight for the purchasing of goods and services raw IA ST § 8A.311

The director shall adopt rules establishing competitive bidding procedures.
1. a. All equipment, supplies, or services procured by the department shall be purchased by a competitive bidding procedure as established by rule. However, the director may exempt by rule purchases of noncompetitive items and purchases in lots or quantities too small to be effectively purchased by competitive bidding. Preference shall be given to purchasing Iowa products and purchases from Iowa-based businesses if the Iowa-based business bids submitted are comparable in price to bids submitted by out-of-state businesses and otherwise meet the required specifications. If the laws of another state mandate a percentage preference for businesses or products from that state and the effect of the preference is that bids of Iowa businesses or products that are otherwise low and responsive are not selected in the other state, the same percentage preference shall be applied to Iowa businesses and products when businesses or products from that other state are bid to supply Iowa requirements.
b. The department and each state agency shall provide notice in an electronic format available to the public of every competitive bidding opportunity offered by the department or the state agency as provided in section 73.2, subsection 2. The department may establish by rule requirements relating to such notice. A competitive bidding opportunity that is not preceded by a notice that satisfies the requirements of this paragraph is void and shall be rebid. A request for proposals for architectural or engineering services may be posted electronically by a department or state agency….

https://www.legis.iowa.gov/docs/code/8A.311.pdf Public Link: Central Procurement Office Procurement Website procurement-website rosp_category Official state procurement website for public raw https://das.iowa.gov/procurement Public Link: Protest Appeals protest-appeals rosp_category Statutory, regulatory, or procedural guidance for protest appeals before a specialized body raw IA ADC 11-117.20(4)

a. The proposed decision shall become the final decision of the department 15 days after mailing the proposed decision, unless prior to that time a party submits an appeal of the proposed decision in accordance with the provisions of this subrule.
b. A party appealing the proposed decision shall mail or deliver the notices of appeal to the Director, Department of Administrative Services, Hoover State Office Building, Third Floor, Des Moines, Iowa 50319. Failure to request review will preclude judicial review unless the department reviews the proposed decision on its own motion. If the department reviews the proposed decision on its own motion, it will send notice of the review to all parties participating in the appeal.
c. A party appealing the proposed decision shall mail a copy of the notice of appeal to all other parties. Any party may submit to the department exceptions to and a brief in support of or in opposition to the proposed decision within 15 days after the mailing of a notice of appeal or of a request for review. The submitting party shall mail copies of any exceptions or brief it files to all other parties to the proceeding. The director shall notify the parties if the department deems oral arguments by the parties to be appropriate. The director will issue a final decision not less than 30 days after the notice of appeal is filed.
d. The department shall review the proposed decision based on the record and issues raised in the hearing. The department shall not take any further evidence and shall not consider issues that were not raised at the hearing. The issues for review shall be specified in the party’s notice of appeal. The party appealing the proposed decision shall be responsible for transcribing any tape of the proceeding before the presiding officer and filing the transcript as part of the record for review. The party appealing the proposed decision shall bear the cost of the transcription regardless of the method used to transcribe the tape.
e. Each party shall have the opportunity to file exceptions to the proposed decision and present briefs in support of or in opposition to the proposed decision. The department may set a deadline for submission of briefs. When the department consents, oral arguments may be presented. A party wishing to make an oral argument shall specifically request it. The department in its sole discretion may schedule oral arguments regarding the appeal. The department shall notify all parties in advance of the scheduled time and place for oral arguments.
f. The director shall issue a final decision by the department. The decision shall be in writing and shall conform to the requirements of Iowa Code chapter 17A.

https://www.legis.iowa.gov/docs/iac/agency/03-24-2021.11.pdf Public Link: Statutory Guidance Public Notice public-notice rosp_category The required time between the issuance of a formal solicitation and the scheduled opening of bids or proposals raw Iowa Code §362.3

1. Unless otherwise provided by state law: a. If notice of an election, hearing, or other official action is required by the city code, the notice must be published at least once, not less than four nor more than twenty days before the date of the election, hearing, or other action.

https://www.legis.iowa.gov/docs/ico/section/362.3.pdf Public Link 1: Minimum of 4 days; Maximum of 20 days Reverse Auctions reverse-auctions rosp_category State authority to conduct reverse auctions raw IA ADC 11-117.9(8A)

117.9(6) Reverse auction.
a. Description of solicitation.
The department may purchase goods and services through a reverse auction, a repetitive competitive bidding process that allows vendors to submit one or more bids, with each bid having a lower cost than the previous bid. Notice to vendors shall be given as described in this chapter. The notice shall include the start and ending time for the reverse auction and the method in which it will be conducted.
b. Response and evaluation. Vendors intending to participate shall provide to the department a notice of their intent to participate and of their agreement to provide goods or services equal to or exceeding specifications.
The department may require vendors to prequalify to participate in a reverse auction. Prequalification may include a requirement to commit to a baseline price.

https://www.legis.iowa.gov/docs/iac/rule/06-10-2015.11.117.9.pdf Public Link: Full Authorization State Procurement Manual state-procurement-manual rosp_category Official state procurement manual available to public raw https://das.iowa.gov/procurement Public Link: State Statutes and Regulations state-statutes-and-regulations rosp_category State databases of statutes and regulations raw https://www.legis.iowa.gov/law/iowaCode Resource Public Link 1: Resource 1: Title I. State Sovereignty and Management [Chs. 1–38d]Subtitle 4. Executive Branch [Chs. 7–14b]Chapter 8A. Department of Administrative ServicesSubchapter III. Physical Resources https://www.legis.iowa.gov/law/administrativeRules Resource Public Link 2: Resource 2: Agency 11 Administrative Services DepartmentTitle VI Central Procurement State-Wide Contracts state-wide-contracts rosp_category Awarded contracts as provided by each state raw https://bidopportunities.iowa.gov/Home/AwardedContracts State-Wide Contracts Link: Supplier Registration supplier-registration rosp_category Information for suppliers as provided by each state raw https://vss.iowa.gov/webapp/VSS_ON/AltSelfService Supplier Registration Link: Technology Procurement technology-procurement rosp_category State entity with the statutory authority and oversight for the purchasing of technology raw IA ADC 11-117.11(8A) Other