Pulse Podcast Pulse Podcast This week on the Pulse Podcast, Josh and Kevin talk with Emily Cranfill and Holly Scott, NASPO’s Procurement Content Managers, about supplier management. They discuss the term “supplier management,” why we are using it, and how it is different than contract and vendor management. Also, Holly and Emily explain NASPO’s role in supporting states with supplier management.

Season 3, Episode 3: We’ll Manage: Supplier Management with Emily Cranfill & Holly Scott, Procurement Content Managers, NASPO

Want to go beyond the podcast? Here are some great resources to support supplier management in your office.

What is Supplier Relationship Management?
TX’s Guidance on Supplier Communication (page 8 and a Communication Model in Appendix 3)
NASPO’s Contract Administration Resources
Supplier Management: It’s Not What You Think!
Podcast on Supplier Performance Tracking

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