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The NASPO Supplier Summit is an event designed to foster collaboration and partnership between suppliers and NASPO. The summit focuses on educating suppliers about NASPO’s comprehensive procurement approach,
compliance processes, and resources available to enhance their role in the process, regardless of award status.

Whether you’re a current NASPO ValuePoint supplier aiming to stay ahead of the curve or a prospective supplier seeking to break into public sector contracts, this Summit provides the specialized training, relationship-building, and marketing expertise needed to expand your company’s success.

Summit Objectives

Suppliers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of partnering with NASPO and NASPO ValuePoint’s holistic approach to procurement. They will learn about the newly formed Procurement Professionals Alliance (PPA) and its dedication to elevating and unifying the procurement profession through innovation, collaboration, and best practices.

Suppliers will gain insight into RFxPremier, a comprehensive cooperative purchasing program under the PPA umbrella, which expands supplier outreach into verticals and practicing areas not covered by NASPO ValuePoint. They will learn how RFxPremier and NASPO ValuePoint collaborate to maximize opportunities for growth.

The summit provides a platform for suppliers to engage in networking activities and build relationships with NASPO ValuePoint and RFxP staff. Suppliers will participate in facilitated sessions that encourage open dialogue, collaboration, and feedback to foster strong partnerships while acquiring a deep understanding of the cooperative award process, negotiations, Master Agreements, and Participating Addendums to navigate the procurement process successfully and increase spend growth and PA adoption.