The Repository of State Practices (RoSP) is a database of state procurement statutes, regulations, and policies. NASPO’s Research and Innovation team continually update the RoSP. Evaluation Committees evaluation-committees rosp_category The rules concerning the size and composition of evaluation committees for formal solicitations raw Bulletin 3.5, VIII. Page 24

8. Contractor Selection, Documentation and Apparent Conflict of Interest: a. Selection: i. The bid most responsive to the selection criteria established in the RFP should be accepted. Agency staff with the relevant subject matter expertise should review each proposal for responsiveness in accordance with the requirements outlined in the RFP. When appropriate, an Appointing Authority (Agency) may establish a contract selection committee to review bids.

https://aoa.vermont.gov/sites/aoa/files/Bulletins/3point5/3.5Rewrite121619FINAL.pdf Public Link 1: State employees with relevant subject matter expertise Goods and Services Procurement goods-and-services-procurement rosp_category State entity with the statutory authority and oversight for the purchasing of goods and services raw Bulletin 3.5, Page 9 https://aoa.vermont.gov/sites/aoa/files/Bulletins/3point5/3.5Rewrite121619FINAL.pdf Public Link: Total Delegation to Agencies Procurement Website procurement-website rosp_category Official state procurement website for public raw https://bgs.vermont.gov/purchasing Public Link: Public Notice public-notice rosp_category The required time between the issuance of a formal solicitation and the scheduled opening of bids or proposals raw Bulletin 3.5, VIII. Page 24

The time between the initial public notice on the EBB (and other methods of solicitation) and the opening of bids must be at least five business days. For RFPs with a relatively complex Statement of Work, allowing potential Vendors a longer response time is highly recommended, to ensure well-constructed bid responses.

https://aoa.vermont.gov/sites/aoa/files/Bulletins/3point5/3.5Rewrite121619FINAL.pdf Public Link 1: 5 Days State Procurement Manual state-procurement-manual rosp_category Official state procurement manual available to public raw https://aoa.vermont.gov/bulletins/3point5 Public Link: State Statutes and Regulations state-statutes-and-regulations rosp_category State databases of statutes and regulations raw https://aoa.vermont.gov/bulletins/3point5 Resource Public Link 1: https://aoa.vermont.gov/bulletins/3point5 Resource Public Link 2: Resource Public Link 1: https://aoa.vermont.gov/bulletins/3point5 State-Wide Contracts state-wide-contracts rosp_category Awarded contracts as provided by each state raw https://bgs.vermont.gov/purchasing-contracting/contract-info State-Wide Contracts Link: Supplier Registration supplier-registration rosp_category Information for suppliers as provided by each state raw https://www.vermontbusinessregistry.com/ Supplier Registration Link: Technology Procurement technology-procurement rosp_category State entity with the statutory authority and oversight for the purchasing of technology raw Bulletin No. 3.5. p. 12 State Central Procurement Office