Procurement Sections Kimberly Bullivant Supplier Development and Support Division Chief COSTARS, PIBH, Supplier Development, Systems Program Procurement Sections Jamon Fogarty Commodity Manager Commercial & Passenger Vehicles and Parts, Machinery, Cleaning Equipment, Furniture, Appliances and Printing Procurement Sections Victor Restagno Associate Commodity Manager, Energy Coal & Energy, Liquid Fuels, Surplus & Facilities, Textiles & Work Apparel, Lab Supplies and Equipment Procurement Sections Jamon Fogarty Commodity Manager, Transportation Aggregates, Concrete, Roadway Surface & Safety, Salt, Signs & Herbicides, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Appliances and ITQ Equipment Procurement Sections Cheryl Kleeman Commodity Manager, Operational/Facilities Specialty & Facility Services, Safety, Security, Building Materials, Cleaning & Office Supplies, and Packaging Supplies Procurement Sections Corey Walters Commodity Manager, Professional Services Medical, Dental, Food, Language Services, Financial Services, Health & Human Services Procurement Sections Margaret Mary Traynor Commodity Manager, Complex Procurements Complex Requests for Proposals, Strategic Services Invitations to Qualify Procurement Sections Toni Nagy Strategic Support and Audit Division Chief, Quality Assurance, Training Team and the PA Standards Laboratory Procurement Sections Isaiah Audio IT Procurement Chief РIT Hardware, software, peripherals, and services