Uncategorized Press Release The State of Oklahoma in partnership with NASPO ValuePoint completed the procurement process and has awarded the first Master Agreement for Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) and Accessories to Avive in a record 99 days. The Lead State and Sourcing teams recognized the critical nature of this portfolio, offering life-saving products essential for the safety and well-being of public spaces. Demonstrating exceptional commitment and timeliness, they streamlined the typical public procurement process, which often spans a year or more, and completed it within a remarkable 99-day timeframe.

The award process continues for AEDs with three additional Master Agreements in negotiation and full execution is anticipated soon. These awards will allow state and local governments across the country to procure FDA-approved AED units and accessories through the competitively awarded NASPO ValuePoint cooperative contracts. The new AED Master Agreements replace the previous contracts led by Oklahoma (OK-SW-300), which have been extended through August 4, 2024.

“This experience of awarding a contract in 99-days proves that being intentional about efficiency and looking at the procurement process as a project can yield results that I thought were impossible,” said Josh Descoteaux, Cooperative Portfolio Manager at NASPO ValuePoint. “Project management and sticking to a timeline were important factors in achieving a fully executed contract in 99 days. Our focus was to provide our NASPO members with quality, best value cooperative contracts efficiently. Many thanks to the Lead State of Oklahoma for joining in this effort and being an amazing partner as we explored what was possible and then setting the bar high.”

To enhance the overall procurement process, NASPO ValuePoint distinguishes itself by ensuring full competition and transparency as well as assists states in leveraging resources across state lines, saving time and resources for procurement officials. Our approach includes protecting the interests of states with favorable terms and conditions and competitive pricing. The contract terms are developed by public procurement professionals, subject matter experts, and users nationwide, ensuring that they meet the highest standards. Additionally, NASPO ValuePoint reimburses states for all efforts and resources utilized in securing contracts.

 “At NASPO ValuePoint, our core mission is to make the public procurement process as streamlined and valuable as possible for our member states, which demonstrates our commitment to operational efficiency and optimizing our processes to deliver maximum value and cost savings through our cooperative contracts.” said Jaime Schorr, Chief Procurement Officer at NASPO ValuePoint.

For more information on NASPO ValuePoint and the AED Master Agreements, please visit naspovaluepoint.org for more information on the portfolio.

About NASPO ValuePoint: NASPO ValuePoint is the cooperative purchasing division of the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO), facilitating cooperative public procurement solicitations using a Lead State Model. NASPO aggregates the demand of all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the US territories, their political subdivisions, and other eligible entities, spurring best value, innovation, and competition in the marketplace. NASPO ValuePoint delivers high-value, reliable, and competitively sourced cooperative contracts – offering public entities outstanding prices, favorable terms and conditions, and value-added services. Learn more at www.naspovaluepoint.org.  NASPO®, NASPO ValuePoint®, their logos, and Lead State Model™ are trademarks of the National Association of State Procurement Officials.

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