Pulse Podcast Pulse Podcast Exclusive series drops this week!This week in an exclusive series, meet the 2021 NASPO Board of Directors President-Elect slate! This series explores the eligibility of each one of the candidates for the critical leadership roll in NASPO.First up, host Kevin Minor interviews state of Maryland Chief Procurement Officer, Bob Gleason and Deputy Director for Government Support Services in the office of Management and Budget of Delaware, Peter Korolyk.In the second episode, Jaime Schorr, Chief Procurement Officer in the Division of Purchases from the State of Maine, and Delbert Singleton, Division Director for Procurement Services in the State Fiscal Accountability Authority Division of Procurement Services for the State of South Carolina each have a turn to sit down with Kevin. NASPO Board of Directors President-Elect Series: Bob Gleason and Peter KorolykNASPO Board of Directors President-Elect Series: Jaime Schorr and Delbert SingletonGot a comment? An idea for an episode? Email podcast@naspo.org, we would love to hear from you!Make sure to follow Pulse Podcast and subscribe to the blog to be updated for every new episode! You can subscribe to Pulse Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or wherever you listen.