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New Features, Same Great Learning!

Procurement U is upgrading to an award-winning learning management system on June 1st.

New features will include:

Improved engagement and accessibility
Design optimized for mobile learning
Collaborative learning with peers

With the upgrade, all Procurement U self-paced courses will be reduced to $20 per contact hour for all users, member and non-member.

Visit the FAQ page to get answers to your questions about the upgrade.

REACH is going virtual!

The NASPO Regional Education and Connection Hub (REACH) conference brings together all four regions to expand the sharing of education, best practices, and innovative experiences. In 2020, enjoy all the same benefits you expect from a NASPO conference in a safe, virtual environment.

Registration opens June 2nd.

eProcurement: What It Is & What It Isn’t
June 10 | 3 pm ET

Join NASPO Chief Information Officer, Bob Sievert, as he discusses the different between procurement automation and eProcurement system solutions and outcomes. Explore the fundamental reasons to use eProcurement and the potential benefits and outcomes that make the effort worthwhile.

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Explore the newest edition in the NASPO Tech Next series which explores Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, including their capabilities, ownership costs, and state preparation for an increase in use.

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Join the NASPO Pulse Podcast as we examine issues in public procurement and hear diverse opinions on a broad range of topics from members, strategic partners, and industry leaders. Check out the latest episode where we talk with John Jimenez, Deputy Assistant Director for the FBI, about fraudulent trends in PPE amid the pandemic.

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In January 2020, the National Governor’s Association (NGA) signed on as a new NASPO Strategic Partner and immediately became a valued relationship during the pandemic. The NGA shares resources with NASPO and invited NASPO to speak with the Governors and their staff during briefings. Tim Blute, Director of the NGA Center for Best Practices recently joined NASPO for a podcast episode, scheduled to be released in June. The conversation centers around how the two associations can work together to combat the Coronavirus, as well as ways Chief Procurement Officers can work with their governors post-pandemic.

For more information about NASPO Strategic Partners, contact Olivia Hook Frey.