Pulse Podcast Pulse Podcast Pulse Podcast is kicking off season 2!What better way than with NASPO’s 2021 Board President and the state of Florida’s Chief Procurement Officer, Rosalyn Ingram.This week’s episode kicks off with Roz’s vision for the 2021 leadership role; expanding and capitalizing on past initiatives, re-vamping resources for states’ CPOs and strengthening relationships are all at the top of Roz’s to-do list.Also, technology.For a long time, IT technology and services has been a pain point for public procurement; bureaucracy moves slow, and technology moves fast. Roz wants to lead initiatives to make sure that procurement doesn’t fall behind, and stays aligned with the experts at NASCIO.Roz goes on to discuss the challenges that state procurement will face over the next year, and the preparation needed to be able to answer the call for action.Roz Ingram, Director of State Purchasing & Chief Procurement Officer, State of Florida: 2021 NASPO Board PresidentGot a comment? An idea for an episode? Email podcast@naspo.org, we would love to hear from you!Make sure to follow Pulse Podcast and subscribe to the blog to be updated for every new episode! You can subscribe to Pulse Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or wherever you listen.Click the sneak peek of the episode below before you go download!