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This week on the Pulse Podcast, Kevin and Josh talk with a friend of the pod, Jaime Schorr, about her new position as Chief Cooperative Procurement Officer with NASPO. Jaime discusses her new role, how NASPO can be a leader in cooperative procurement, and the new initiative to complete a solicitation in…105 days! For Jamie, it is all about making the most of public dollars and using her team to offer states the resources and help needed to get the best contracts possible.

Season 4, Episode 2: Knowledge in Numbers: Completing a Solicitation in 105 days. Jaime Schorr, Chief Cooperative Procurement Officer, NASPO

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Jamie Schorr, NVP Chief Cooperative Procurement Officer – jschorr@naspo.org
Josh Descoteaux, Cooperative Portfolio Manager – jdescoteaux@naspo.org
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