NASPO Awards

The NASPO Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals to the field of public procurement. These awards recognize excellence in various aspects of procurement, including innovation, leadership, and service to the profession.

Deborah Damore Office of Purchasing and Contracting Director State of Vermont Keith McCook General Counsel State of South Carolina Michael Jones Honorary Member State of Alabama Carol Wilson Diane Lancaster Norma Hall Vern Jones John Adler Monica Wilkes Jeff Holden Jack Pitzer 20th Anniversary Special Mazzone Award Ron Bell Marvin Eicholtz Voight Shealy Ellen Phillips Richard Pennington Jan Hamik Wayne Casper None Selected Denise Lea Dugan Petty Dave Gragan None Selected Don Buffum Doug Richins Richard Thompson Gary Lambert Paula Moskowitz Margaret McConnell John Haggerty Edward Erxleben none selected William S. Warstler (Thomas M. Bostick) Giulio Mazzone none selected Jack Spath John Hittinger (posthumously) Herman Crystal (posthumously) Tom and Ethel Blanco none selected John Short Willis Holding