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A NASPO Emerging Leader is an individual in state procurement who demonstrates specific leadership characteristics and competencies. These awards will recognise a rising star in procurement who is not in a management position and an Emerging Leader who is newer to a leadership position, displaying strong leadership commitment and skills.

Rising Star Criteria red: Red

1-5 years of experience in public procurement.

Not in a leadership/management position.

An individual who demonstrates the competencies below and could possibly be a leader/manager in the future. A champion of the procurement profession.

Emerging Leader Criteria orange: Orange

2-5 years of experience as a leader/manager

An individual who demonstrates the competencies below and is leading by example. This individual brings the best out of their team to meet goals and objectives, while improving efficiency and process.

Competencies Leading Others

The art of motivating and influencing groups of people towards a common goal. Leadership is also maintaining a work culture conducive to career development and talent cultivation.


Creating new and improved ways to solve problems and streamline efficiencies. Working towards solutions to problems on the horizon.


Demonstrating quality and value of procurements and initiatives that lead to increased customer satisfaction and customer engagement.


Incorporating ethical behaviors into everyday operations. Doing the right thing when no one is looking, even when there are negative consequences associated with it.

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Please note:

The Emerging Leaders Awards Committee reviews the carefully curated applications and determines the winners by committee vote. Will Camp is the current Committee Chair, and Dan Kruger is the NASPO staff contact.

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